2014 Holiday to New England, USA


This Page features a selection of photographs taken while on our 2014 holiday to New England, U.S.A. Most of the images were posted to Helen’s Facebook page while we travelled.


Overview of the Route

Detailed below is an overview of our planned oute around the 6 states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont) that make up New England.



Day 1 – Friday 26th September - Newport to Boston


Our outward flight was on this British Airways Boeing 747-436 (G-CIVU)


Routing over southern England and South Wales was as follows



Day 2 – Saturday 27th September – The Freedom Trail in Boston


Massachusetts State House located at the start of the Freedom Trail which is a 3 mile walk through the streets of Boston showing the various historic sites from the American War of Independence.


The Old State House dates from 1713 and it was from here on July 18, 1776, that the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed (From the Balcony just under the Ameican flag).


The view from the top of the Prudential Tower (the second tallest building in Boston), looking west as the sun goes down. Havard University is located on the otherside of the river in Cambridge



Day 3 – Sunday 28th September – Gloucester Whale Watching


Four views of some of the various Humpback Whales seen during a trip out to sea for whale watching with “Cape Ann Whale Watch” based in Gloucester, Ma.






Day 4 – Monday 29th September –Boston Part 2


A view of the the Boston skyline


The site of the Boston Tea Party with a ship at the current museum dwarfed by the present day skyline



Day 5 – Tuesday 30th September – Boston to South Deerfield, Ma


The sites where the firsts shots were fired that started the War of Independence


The view from our picnic lunch site



Day 6 – Wednesday 1st October – Western Massachusetts explore


The first Covered Bridge that we found


Autumn colours in the mist(cloud) on the climb to Mount Greylock


A view of the Autumn colours seen on this days drive



Day 7 – Thursday 2nd October – South Deerfield, Ma to Lancaster, NH


One of the old house located in the hostorical village of Deerfield


One of the local inhabitans exiting from one of the many exit holes in its food store


One of the longer Covered Bridges we came across, this one being located just over the New Hampshire border



Day 8 – Friday 3rd October – New Hampshire Moosehunt


A selection of tree colours seen in New Hampshire





Day 9 – Saturday 4th October – Vermont Explore


An example of the many imaginative garden displays set up for Halloween


A small Covered Bridge located near Stowe, Vermont


Also near Stowe is this building which is the resort complex set up by the von Trapp family. If you don’t know who they are, they are the family that the “Sound of Music” was based upon.



Day 10 – Sunday 5th October – Lancaster, NH to Biddeford, Me


A view of the lake at the top end of the Franconia Notch state park  in the White Mountains


A view of the Autumn colous seen reflected in a lake on this days journey



Day 11 – Monday 6th October – Maine Tour


A vist to the “Maine Wildlife Park” found this Mountain Lion


Also taken at the park was this chipmunk who was wild and not one of the exhibits


A view of the moon and Portland Head Lighthouse



Day 12 – Tuesday 7th October – Biddeford, Me to Providence RI


The coast this day experienced a very high tide and on shore winds resulting in some of the coast roads getting covered in debris and seaweed


One of the old house located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire



Day 13 – Wednesday 8th October – Newport RI visit


At Battleship Cove, Fall River can be found the former World War 2 Battleship the “USS Massachusetts” along with a WW2 destroyer and submarine


Newport Rhode Island features a number of Mansions that have been preserved (they are the closest Americans get to having a stately home). The one shown with Helen is “The Breakers” which is probably the largest and grandest of the buildings.


Newport R.I. museum  (A better looking building than the Newport, Gwent version)



Day 14 – Thursday 9th October – Cape Cod Visit


Along the Western Coast beaches of Cape Cod at a number of locations seals were encountered, below is shown one example


A view up one of the Cape Cod beaches that shows how quiet they were for the time of year



Day 15 – Friday 10th October – Southern Rhode Island & Connecticut


A Fishing boat is seen arriving into the small harbour at Galilee while on the far shore is Jerusalem


The lifting bridge on the main road through Mystic, CT is seen being raised to allow some overheight boats through


Trees are seen reflecting their colours in the Shetucket River, CT



Day 16 – Saturday 11th October – Plymouth, Ma


A typical country house is seen with two trees displaying their colourful leaves


Plymouth, Ma is the landing place where the Pilgrim Ftahers first set foot in America. It appropriately also features a replica of that first ship the “Mayflower”


A final view of a stressful drive through downtown Boston back to the Airport



Day 17 – Sunday 12th October – The Journey Home


Our inbound flight was on British Airways Boeing 777-236 (G-VIIC) which took the following route over South Wales (Passing within a mile of home at 31,000ft).

Below is a map of the inbound flight and our plane at Heathrow.



A view of Swansea and Mumbles, the Liberty Stadium can be seen bottom centre


Port Talbot Steelworks and Aberavon


Cardiff with the Millenium Stadium (centre), Cardiff City’s ground (centre right),  Penarth Pier (top left corner) and Cardiff Bay (Left Centre) all visble


Bristol, with the River Avon (bottom left to centre) and the Avon Suspension Bridge visble



The crowded skies above Britain are shown with the top view showing a Delta flight in the Ockham arrival stack to the South West of Heathrow while a DHL cargo flight heads south further below. The second image shows a close up view of the Delta plane



Instead of flying the normal route from the South West stack a journey over North London followed  to pick up the standard approach path. Below are a couple of shots showing Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, The Shard and  the London Barrage.




Below is can be seen Arsenal FC’s old and new grounds. The new Emirates Stadium is shown centre, whilst the old Highbury is in the bottom right corner.


And finally, just aligning for the final apprroach shows the London Eye, Westminster  and Waterloo Station








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